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Learn more about how you can use Google Tag Manager to record analytics events with Cloudoko Forms

About The Cloudoko Forms - Google Tag Manager (GTM) Integration

The integration has to be enabled by Cloudoko. We require your GTM ID e.g. (GTM-xxxxxx) which you will find by clicking on the Accounts tab in your GTM account.

Once we have enabled the GTM integration you will see a new option under your Form Designer entitled Analytics Configuration.


Data Passed By Cloudoko Forms To Google Tag Manager

GTM allows us to pass fields (known as Variables) whenever a specific Event occurs on a Cloudoko Form. 

You can use these variables in the construction of your Tags and Triggers to decide which data you want to receive in your chosen Analytics tools. 

titleFor more information please read the Google Support docs

Tags, Triggers, Variables, and the Data Layer -


In Cloudoko, the Analytics Configuration tab shows the data that will be sent for each of your Forms.


Some of the field values are not known until the Form is running, these are indicated by (Set at run-time) in the Value column of the table.


Sending Custom Data To Google Tag Manager

It is possible to send additional data fields to GTM, you also control this data through the Analytics Configuration tab.

Please contact us via the Cloudoko Service Desk if you wish to discuss this option as it requires separate set-up by Cloudoko.


Events That Cloudoko Forms Sends To Google Tag Manager

We report a series of Events to GTM at specific stages of the form lifecycle: -

Cloudoko Form ActionGTM Event NameGTM Variables That We Set
When the form is loadedStart



When a back button is pressedBack 
When a next button is pressedNext 
When the form page changesPage ChangedCloudokoFormPage
When an address / street search is initiatedSearchingCloudokoFormSearchType (set to "Address" or "Street" accordingly)
When an address / street search is completedSearchedCloudokoFormSearchCount (set to the number of results retrieved by the search)
When the form is submittedSubmittedCloudokoFormPage (hard-coded to "Confirmation")


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