How-To: Remove the reCAPTCHA tool from your Cloudoko Form

Not everyone likes Google reCAPTCHA. If you'd like to switch it off just follow this guide.

It is Cloudoko's recommendation that you leave reCAPTCHA on across all your forms - this is to provide protection for your internal systems against unwanted form submissions.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log in to My Cloudoko at

  2. Click Manage on your Development environment

  3. Click Manage on your Cloudoko Forms installation

  4. Click Manage Form on the one that you wish to switch off ReCaptcha functionality for.

  5. Once the Form Designer has opened click the About You tab to review the settings.

  6. Notice the Use reCAPTCHA setting, toggle the On/Off switch to disable it.

  7. Save your Form!

  8. Launch your form and test it to check that you are happy with your changes.

  9. If you are happy, navigate to the Migration History tab and click the Migrate Form button to push your configuration changes to your Live / Production environment.