Cloudoko Forms Data Security

The Cloudoko Forms service does not store user form data. The service collects data from a user via a form presented in a browser and sends this to the customer's customer relationship management (CRM) / case management system via an instance of Cloudoko Driver installed on the customer's network.

The form data is transmitted securely across the public internet between:

  • The browser and the Cloudoko Forms service

  • The Cloudoko Forms service and the instance of Cloudoko Driver

The Cloudoko Forms service can only be accessed via HTTPS so the data is SSL-protected (2048 bit public key) between the browser and the service.

The Cloudoko Forms service communicates with the customer's instance of Cloudoko Driver via a Microsoft Azure service bus relay using transport security, TCP for message delivery, and a binary message encoding. The service bus control channel is SSL-protected. Proven Microsoft technology is employed to ensure security. For more information on Azure service bus relays, see